I need a bigger world.

As much as I would love to write full time, it’s not happening yet.  I still have to work the mundane job to keep the cash flowing.  So I make the best of it I can.

I came in and realized that the world I was “seeing”, my 9-5 as it were, is to small.  When I write, I need a bigger world.  One that encompasses…the all of what I see in my head.  Not just what I see when I get up from my desk, or read on FB etc.

When I write, my world expands to many people, many places and many things.  I have to use a spreadsheet to keep track of the people and the swearing.  Sometimes even the things I create or the new names for something old.

Your own writing maybe only in an elevator with 2 people, but that is your “world” for that moment.  You have to know your characters, the outside factors that make them who they are, why they are in an elevator and not on an island sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas.  Your world maybe small, but it’s “YOUR” world.  Enjoy this world and the other worlds you build.  Ignore the small world you live and grow larger with your writing.  Revel in your world because no one else will know all the way you do.


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