It’s not what you think…

…it’s what you write.


I’ve had a few brushes with anxiety attacks and depression.  My doc said get the to a bookstore!  Ok, her exact words were “Try writing your worries and fears down.  That sometimes helps.”  So do meds but those leave me cloudy, floating and unable to think/write.

Most days I write.  Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as I write.  I’ve written outlines for research papers I do for my hobby.  I’ve written grocery lists for week menus.  I’ve worked on random short stories and cook books.  I work on my books, either on the computer or long hand.  As long as I’m writing, that’s what counts.  It’s a focus or a zen to get out of the funky head space.  Writing puts me someplace I’d rather be than right here, right now.

Each chapter, each paragraph, each sentence is creating something that wasn’t there before.  It doesn’t matter that the framework sucks for the story line, you get to go back and change that later as the plot develops.  Yes, you do!  Write what comes out.  I’ve had entire scenes change because a character/scene changed between one draft to the next.  What I had originally written is no longer viable.  Doesn’t matter, I write it down.   Sometimes it works (usually) some times it doesn’t, but I write it down.

Take what you’re thinking and put it on paper or Word.  Get it from your head to the real world.  It counts.  It calms.  It makes the world and you better.

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