Coyote Laughing Ch:2

Chapter Two

And a Strawberry Milkshake

We made it about five miles. The bullets that had gone through the radio and into the engine finally did their work killing Little Blue.

“Fuck, fuck. Fuck!” Carrie could only repeat that over and over as she steered LB over to the side of the road. She was almost in tears.

“Not now, dear, I have a headache.” I retorted, staring at the industrial barren landscape of old buildings and dry ground.

“Blue! They killed Blue!” Her hands were starting to shake on the steering wheel. The adrenaline was starting to wear off.

“We witnessed a shooting, were attacked, shot at and, yes, your poor Little Blue has died. Long live LB in our memory! I’m betting hippie dude didn’t make it out.” I snapped off the seat belt, and reached under the seat for my small black purse. It was big enough to hold my driver’s license, two packs of cigarettes and, if I was lucky, a wad of cash that could choke a cat on a good night. Last night had not been that night for cash; but, there was still one pack of unopened cigarettes in there and, man, did I really, really need a drag right now!

“Fuck!” Carrie turned the key in the ignition. “Come on baby! Come on for momma.” Little Blue wasn’t even making a rumble or a burp. Definitely no purrs coming from her.

My arm was under the seat to the elbow. “God damn it!” The windows had been down and I was stupid. “Fuck!” I hadn’t expected murdering assholes to search the car. I had gotten lazy and, at this rate, soon to be dead. “Carrie, please tell me you still have your purse?”

Carrie patted her pockets. The cheap silver and gold rings she wore flashed in the dying light. “Yes cell, no purse. Slow and fat guy got it.”

“The one who got your knuckle sandwich?”

She started to laugh at that. “I hope I broke his nose and he chokes to death on the blood!”

“I told you the self-defense classes would come in handy.” I quirked an eyebrow at her, which made her laugh harder. “’Cause you know not every guy is going to stop and let you give him a blow job every time you need to distract ‘em.”

“Bitch!” Now she was really laughing. I started to giggle at her as we both were picturing what might have happened if she had offered the blond a bj instead. Yeah right.

“Call Mark.” I said finally, when I could breathe from all the giggling and laughing. I opened the door to get out.

“Why? You hate Mark. And where are you going?”

“Not me, us. Where are we going? Those guys who shot us…” I hesitated for a heartbeat. Carrie sometimes needed help connecting dots on the seamy side of life. “Have a working car. Our car is now dead on the side of the road. We kinda need to not be here.” I nodded to the buildings about 50 yards further down the highway. The sparse desert had given way to an industrial center then to a small dinner, fast food joints, and some crappy hotels. “We’re going to not be here, but somewhere over there. Mark, the fucker, is going to come and pick us up.”

“You hate Mark, though.” She repeated.

“Yeah, but he likes you, and your open door blow job policy. And we really need a dependable ride at the moment.”

It was her turn to be outraged, but not much came out through her giggles. Carrie was smart, but she was a bit flaky in some areas and a real slut in others.

When she finally caught her breath, she asked me “All your other friends got broken legs?”

“Other friends?” My lips twitched as I tilted my head with a sideways grin in her direction. “Nah, they are either too flaky or trying to score drugs. Like us. Neither of which translates into a ride outta here.”

Carrie reluctantly got out of Little Blue. She pulled out her pink cell phone and started to flip through her contacts. I had to tug on her elbow to get her to start walking in the direction we needed. Away from the shot up car. The damn thing stuck out like a sore thumb. We did not want to be advertising ourselves next to it. Our shoes made crunching noises on the gravel. The only good thing we had going for us was that it was still summer, not freezing. That and there weren’t any clouds, so no rain either.

Ten yards from the car and Carrie was still searching through her phone. “My god woman, how many Marks do you know?”

“Well there is Mark Stasnny, good in bed but bad breath. Or Mark Jacob, niiiice dick but doesn’t know how to use it for anything but peeing and sticking into something wet.”

“I can see how he’s a good friend of yours then.” I snarked with a sidewise glance.

She punched me on the shoulder, but still had her eyes on the phone so the punch was slow and not more than a tap.

“There’s Mark Jeremy, little dick but really good in tutoring for calculus in exchange for…”

“Stop!” I rolled my eyes. “I really do not want to know the Mark litany. Wait.” I stopped in my tracks to look at her.” If you have so many Marks, how did you know the one I was talking about?”

It was Carrie’s turn to laugh at me. She kept going, not waiting for me to catch up this time. “You’re not what they call a people person. You don’t know that many Marks just lots of marks. There is only one Mark you would call for help.” Carrie shot me a sly grin looking up from her screen.

It sucked worse as she giggled at me while I spluttered. “Yeah, he’s a whiny, spineless bitch, but, seriously, I only wanted him for casual sex.”

“True. If he hadn’t slept with Tiffany, you’d have kept him around longer.”

“Yeah, I didn’t mind him getting the occasional blow job or fuck from you, but still, I should have stolen his truck.” I said glumly, sticking my hands deeper in the hoodie. Cheaters sucked ass. Mark had been fun, but I didn’t like cheaters. They ran in the same circles as liars and thieves. I really shouldn’t have taken a stupid man as a casual lover.

“You think he’ll come out all this way for us?” Carrie sounded worried for the first time at my back up plan.

“Not us, you… and maybe me.” I said chewing on a thumbnail thoughtfully. God I wanted a cigarette. The thought of Mark just made me horny and cranky.

“Nah. You wouldn’t do well behind bars for grand theft auto. Let’s see there is Mark Credesco who…” Carrie started again.

“Lalalalala.” I sang stuffing my fingers in my ears. “Don’t want to hear about you fucking all the Marks! Besides, I wouldn’t have crossed state lines! Would only have been theft.” Mmmm… that was a warm thought. Bastard loved that ride almost more than his own dick. His truck was definitely the better of the two things.

“If you had been caught,” Carrie muttered snarkily. I rolled my eyes.

“Pfft. Thirty seconds with a screwdriver, a pair of wire cutters and I’d have been gone. No one the wiser. Javier has a great chop shop.” I had a big smile at that thought. Casual lover, but still a bitter taste on the tongue.

“Mmmm… Javier.” Carrie was reminiscing, or would be shortly.

“Mark. Call!”

“Woof!” Carrie went back to searching through her cell phone.

“Oh, and have him bring enough money to cover our dinners at the diner.” I gave a satisfied grin. I knew Carrie would be seeing him afterwards for a blowjob reward so I didn’t feel too bad about making him pay, again.

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