First Chapter Thoughts

The first chapter is graphic.  A “kick the dog” type of graphic on how bad the bad guy is.  When I first wrote this chapter, I kept thinking I should take out the first part and replace it with Comanche meeting Coyote for the first time.

I had to let it stand.  I wrote it for a reason.  The bad guy is nasty sick and twisted.  The first part of chapter 1 shows this clearly.  I still second guess myself but I still keep it.

Believe in what you write.  It may turn off some of your readers but you write, even the horrible parts, for a reason.  It’s organic.  Would I write something so graphic next time.  Depends.  This depends on what character(s) I’m writing about are doing or are contemplating doing.  My 7th book has some graphic parts but then again it’s about vampires…and vampires are a tad bloody and blood thirsty.

No matter what, keep writing the good fight.  Write what you need to get down.  Write what you want to read and what you want to see.  Keep on writing!



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